Should Your Ad Agency Be a Partner?


Almost every South Florida ad agency claims not to be just a marketing or advertising agency, but a partner. From an elusive resemblance of a partnership to full-service partners and everything in between. But for a client, what does a partner really look like? What constitutes a real partnership?

Our Story

Keenability was founded on two basic principles: to provide stellar marketing and to change the industry. We wanted our clients to know that we weren't just a third-party vendor, but rather an extension of their in-house team. It meant caring about our clients’ business as much as they did. It also meant being available anytime we were needed, thinking outside the scope of work, and going above and beyond to get the job done. After all, business owners don’t limit themselves when it comes to achieving goals, why should their partners?

Present Day

Our drive and original vision have only grown stronger and more defined. At Keenability, we take our role as your partner seriously, which translates into acting more like a business coach than a marketing agency. Yes, not only will we write the three blogs, but also improve your sales process, product offering, and mission.

The Benefit

For clients, this is an extremely valuable proposition. A creative agency or advertising agency that is willing to do what it takes for client to achieve success is an absolute necessity. Agencies should ask themselves every day what they can do to make their clients more successful. That is the definition of a real partnership. 

Unfortunately, the majority of ad agencies, despite what they proclaim, aren't real partners. They do the bare minimum to satisfy their contracts, never going above the call of duty, or asking what more can be done.

It’s no wonder then why our clients are always very impressed and thankful at our level of commitment. We aren't trying to pat ourselves on the back. Instead, we are trying to change the expectations and make this caliber of work the norm. Granted, we can't accept every prospective client that knocks on our doors; if we did, we would not be able to provide the exceptional level of service that we currently do. 

At Keenability, we don't just say we are your partner—we live it every day, and for every client.