5 Major Graphic Design Trends


Let's get creative! There are plenty of design trends that are continually cropping up, but there are some that are destined to have a significant impact. 

1. 3D design 

Flat design has dominated the scene  for long enough; now, it's time to return to 3D.  The ability to animate elements helps breath life and add a new dimension to projects. After all, AR and VR experiences are only growing in popularity.Therefore, this isn't a trend that is likely to follow the path of a one-hit wonder. 

The world of 3D will not only  affect online experiences, but will also make its way to typography, allowing typefaces to pop off the page. 

C4D Essential Training / Part 2   by   Mike | Creative Mints

C4D Essential Training / Part 2

by Mike | Creative Mints

2. Authenticity

Authenticity has taken on a new role in pop culture, and this isn't likely to change any time soon. Imperfections are the new perfections, reaching all media. Perhaps where it might be more apparent is on Instagram—as the Atlantic stated, "The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over." 

It's time to get real, and that includes the wide world of art. Expect to see more freestyle doodles, organic textures, and varying strokes coming from graphic designers.. They are moving away from rigid, grid-based layouts and more toward a more authentic composition.

Jumbo Logo & Business Cards    Verena Michelitsch

Jumbo Logo & Business Cards

Verena Michelitsch

3. Big is the new small 

Clients, rejoice. As any graphic designer can tell you, the font battle is a tough one. If I had a dime for every time I've heard, "I love it, but can you make the font bigger," I'd have enough for a movie ticket and some popcorn.   The typically used font sizes range between 10-point size and 12-point size, even smaller if you're referencing newsprint. 

Take a cue from Verizon, and go big! The trend toward bigger fonts is aimed at making an impact, but a good designer will know how to balance the bigger fonts with the overall hierarchy of the medium. 

4. Mix it up

Another graphic design trend that has gotten the attention of the Adobe Team is the combination of real-life objects with flat design because it creates a futuristic feel that is quickly gaining popularity. 

The blend of these opposing elements challenges the way we see design and leaves a lasting impression. 

Kalli UI Kit   by   Anton Tkachev   for   UI8

Kalli UI Kit

by Anton Tkachev for UI8

5. It's all about the icon

Icons have been around for some time. In fact, we depend on them to provide us with information that might otherwise be too lengthy—from instructions on washing your clothes to the apps you use daily. 

Let's face it, iconification isn't going anywhere. Icons make life simple, and we are too busy to do complicated. If you can't explain it to me in less than five icons, you've lost my attention. 

By taking what is factual and turning it into a visual icon we can break through the clutter.

Senja icon pack   by   Iconspace   for   Sebo

Senja icon pack

by Iconspace for Sebo

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