Is Email Marketing Still Effective?


Contrary to popular belief, email marketing remains the most effective method for reaching existing customers, as well as acquiring new ones. Generating leads from email marketing campaigns requires a strategic approach in order to avoid unsubscribes or blocked emails altogether. With there being 3.8 billion email users worldwide, it makes for a wide range of possibilities such as gaining publicity, having customers interact through email, and establishing long term relationships with customers.

Strategic Approaches to Subject Lines and Content 

On average, a reader’s attention span is eight seconds. In order to catch recipients’ eyes, impressionable, relevant, and informative content is imperative—beginning with the subject line. A clear-cut subject line should make the viewers feel as though they will gain something from opening the email. Strategies such as using questions to get your viewer thinking and even implementing emojis in subject lines can make all the difference for your email to pop among the rest. 

When formatting emails, it is crucial to keep the content concise and direct. Often times, customers will skip emails that are overloaded with information. To avoid writing drawn-out messages, it is ideal to employ a word count strategy and eliminate the amount of unnecessary wordiness. 

Make it Personable! 

Constructing an email from scratch, especially in a personalized manner, is the most effective means of achieving the desired results. Personalized content should make the reader feel important and make it clear that the content was written specifically for them. Segmentation tools have become popular in tailoring emails for customers based on their spending habits, age, gender, location, and demographics. Over 70% of marketing automation classifies their target audience based on these factors.

Additional Value 

A growing trend in email marketing is the use of interactive features. The most popular growing feature, the inclusion of videos, enables a company an alternative way to get its message across in detail without crowding the content of the email. People either retain information through writing, listening, or visually learning. However, a method of communication that transcends all preferences and learning modes is video. Video is simple, fun, and to the point. The accessibility of video is another advantage of this medium. Those who are hard of hearing are still able to enjoy video through the use of subtitles.   When video is used in emails, they have a 300% higher ‘click on’ rate than those without video. The majority of emails today are opened through smart-mobile devices and with video files varying in file size, it is paramount to make your emails with video mobile friendly. 

Applications such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor have become the norm for designing emails with ease. They provide templates, as well as personalization features that allow the customization of emails. 

The ultimate goal of companies is to spread their message while creating brand loyal customers. This starts by having a unique, aesthetically pleasing email design and fitting content that draws in customers and holds their attention. 

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