What's Your Marketing Situation?


As a business owner, you are likely in one of two marketing situations: a bad one or a good one. 

If your existing marketing is terrific, pat yourself on the back. Go ahead; you deserve it. It isn't an easy task, which means you did your due diligence and are reaping the rewards. For the rest of you, ask yourself the following questions about the current state of your marketing efforts.  

  1. Are we getting enough leads

  2. Is our brand consistent?

  3. Do we have a robust digital presence?

  4. What is the average turn around time for marketing requests?

  5. Has our marketing evolved?

Analyzing your response to these questions should help shed some light on whether you are in an ideal situation or one that could use some improvement. 

Your Situation:

Unless you own a marketing agency, you should focus entirely on what you do best. Spreading yourself too thin by having to supervise your in-house marketing team will hurt your business.  It should never feel as though you are babysitting your in-house marketing team or even worse, your agency. 

Our Situation: 

At Keenability we believe that marketing should be a partnership. By that, we don't mean you pay us on time, and we produce line item work, what we mean is... 

  • Treating every client as our most important one, regardless of the size of the client’s investment. 

  • Giving our clients the best advice even when we know it isn't exactly what they want to hear. Honesty and transparency above all is our motto.

  • Taking the time to understand our clients’ landscape in order to forge viable goals, and working together to achieve them.

  • Making sure we don't take on more work that we know we can produce; if everyone is a priority than no one is (even if we have to turn down work).

  • Going above our contractual obligations to ensure we do what is right.

  • Never taking the easy way, but instead the path that will produce the best results.

  • Keeping constant communication. We want to know how things are working in real time, not only at a monthly meeting (we aren't afraid of using the phone).

While for many the word partnership is a buzzword, for us it is the only way we know how to function. Of course, we'd be happy to discuss more in detail what a true partnership entails, so give us a call.  

If you're not in an ideal marketing situation or relationship, break it up and move on. You don't want to leave your marketing in the wrong hands or your business will suffer.