Failing to Hire a Marketing Director?


Have you been hopelessly trying to hire a marketing director? There are several reasons why you might find yourself always searching for one or consistently hiring new people to fill the position.  

You might chalk up your inability to find a marketing director to bad luck, but there might be real reasons why you haven't found one or why you've lost those marketing directors you've hired in the past. 

1. You Expect Too Much.

We often see ads for an open position asking for someone that can do it all. However, it is rather unlikely that you will find someone that is a specialist in HTML, CSS, email, digital advertising, email marketing, copywriting, marketing strategy, branding, and is knowledgeable in design.

The odds are that it will turn out to be a very time consuming search. Even if you happen to find someone with all of these skills, this person is likely to shine in some areas but operate at an elementary level in others. Every discipline requires a different set of skills, as well as experience and  education. While all related, they are specialties within the umbrella of marketing.

For someone in marketing, seeing an ad requesting a single person that can do it all is as funny as a listing for a doctor who is an expert in neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology and who is also an erudite in psychiatry. While they may work together to accomplish health and wellbeing,  finding a doctor that specializes in all of those areas is highly unlikely; in fact, I would say it is near impossible. 

2. You Aren't Paying Enough.

If you are looking for someone that is highly knowledgeable in various disciplines— in other words, the elusive Marketing Unicorn—then you must pony up (pun intended). Someone that is  skilled in many fronts needs to be adequately compensated in order to keep him around. This Marketing Unicorn will surely find work elsewhere if you can’t offer the appropriate compensation and benefits plus a great work environment. 

If you think that bringing this role in-house and fulfilling it with one person is going to save you money, you may want to rethink and recalculate your strategy. It is very possible that this position will cost you more than hiring two mid-level individuals. 

3. Not Exploring Other Options.

It is possible that rather than hiring a marketing director to handle all your growth needs you may actually need a marketing agency partner. Depending on the size of your company and how many different skills you are in need of, an agency might make more sense than hiring a single in-house team member, particularly if you don't have someone to adequately manage that one-man show.

Another reason for opting for an agency is if you are looking for a high level of creativity. Unfortunately, one person can't bring to the table what an entire team can. Great ideas are the result of the inventiveness and the talents of many, It is in our social make-up to create greatness from sharing thoughts and receiving feedback.