Using Hashtags for Business


If your business is on social media, then you’ve likely come across the term ‘hashtags’ at some point in time. Whether you’ve been using them for years or are just starting to get curious, our Boca Raton advertising agency will provide you with some insight on how to best utilize them for your business. 


What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a type of metadata tag comprised of a word or phrase used on social media that allows users to easily find related content on the platform. For example, if you enjoy seeing adorable puppies (honestly, who doesn’t?) and want to see more of them, then you can type in #puppies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube to locate millions of posts and photos using that single hashtag. 

Social media platforms from Pinterest to YouTube are all utilizing the application of hashtags. As a note- there’s no need to use spaces or punctuation in a hashtag, as it will not be properly recognized.  


Who’s using hashtags?

We’re seeing everyone from influencers, to everyday users applying hashtags to their social media. By using the (#) symbol before a relevant word or phrase in a post, people are able to expand the reach of their content beyond immediate followers. This allows for new people to find the posts and leads to an increased awareness of their brand. 


Why should I be using hashtags?

According to Sprout Social, Instagram posts using at least one hashtag generate 12.6% more engagement than those that aren’t using any. Simply put, hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of posts on social media. By employing this tool, your business is able to put content in front of new, active users who are already interested in the subjects related to the industry. 


Developing a strategy

Implementing a strategy for utilizing hashtags on your social media will aid in giving a clear direction to move in. Begin by researching what influencers in your field are doing. Identify the aspects of their strategy that you feel are the strong points and the spots where they may be lacking. Next, you can search within each platform using the keywords and phrases you’ve come up with based on the research. 

Each brand will have their own unique sweet-spot when it comes to the number of hashtags used in posts. It’s also important to mention that they should vary from each post and across platforms. The keywords used should be as unique as the content you’re posting. 


Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is one social media platform that is creating new and exciting ways for users and brands to take advantage of hashtags. Recent developments include the ability for companies to incorporate clickable hashtags into profiles, making it easier for people to find them. Additionally, users can now follow their favorite hashtags, filling their Instagram feed with more posts focused on the content they want to see. Both of these changes improve the ability for people to find new and interesting posts on Instagram to engage with.  


Contact us today to learn how our Boca Raton advertising agency can help you develop an impactful social media strategy utilizing hashtags for business.