How to Use #Hashtags


There may be a stigma attached to hashtags, but they remain an important social media tool for brands. Hashtags are the most popular method of categorizing social media posts and making your content discoverable for a wider audience. Twitter and Instagram are the platforms where hashtags are most prevalent, but they can also be used in Tumblr, FacebookGoogle+ and Pinterest.

Before you start tagging your social media posts, it’s best to know how to appropriately use hashtags. Our team of South Florida digital marketing professionals has compiled some key tips on how to hashtag correctly.

Be Short and Specific

Since people use hashtags to navigate social media sites and search for posts related to a specific topic or description, we recommend using ones that are short and easy to type. Don’t string too many words together, as this will deter users from incorporating them into their own posts. Instead, use one or two words, or even a few characters that people will naturally search for.

Avoid choosing hashtags that describe a topic or idea that is too broad. To attract a targeted audience, be more specific to reach unique communities that share one particular interest. A targeted audience will result in higher engagement with your brand. However, consider relevance; use those that relate to your post and your brand.

Don’t Overdo It

Though using many different hashtags can increase your visibility, using an excessive amount dilutes the original message of your post. Social media accounts associated with over-tagging are either spam accounts or users who just want to gain more likes and followers. If you overload your posts with them, you will be attracting those types of accounts to your brand’s page. Stick with a few per post and make sure the text takes up more space.

Create Brand Hashtags

To drive audience engagement, create a branded hashtag exclusive to your company. These hashtags should also be short and easy to type so they are more likely to trend. Utilize a brand hashtag without your business’s name to bring attention to campaigns and encourage your followers to produce user generated content that can be incorporated into your own social media strategy. If your company is not well-known, also include a more generic hashtag that is related to your brand hashtag.

If your company wants to improve your social media strategy, speak with one of our South Florida digital marketing experts. To find out how we can address any of your marketing needs, call Keenability today.