How Boomerang Can Enhance Your Social Media Content


Boomerang has allowed both users and advertisers to create dynamic images that come to life on social media. Boomerang is essentially the middle ground between a photo and GIF, offering a unique visual experience for the user.

With Boomerang’s rising popularity, it’s important for businesses to recognize its potential and incorporate it into their social media strategies. Our Boca Raton digital marketing agency is sharing some tips on how to boost your social media audience with Boomerang.


What is Boomerang

Boomerang is an app that creates mini videos that loop back and forth. Over the span of one single second, Boomerang takes a burst of photos and plays a continuous loop to create a dynamic image. Instagram introduced the app to take advantage of what users love about both short videos and GIFs.

The app itself is easy to maneuver. Making a Boomerang is as simple as tapping the screen to shoot video. From there, you have the option to either save the clip for future use or share it immediately to a social platform. Boomerangs can be shared to Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, and Twitter. You also have the option to shoot in normal or selfie mode. With its effortless design and accessibility, Boomerang has become an extremely popular app for users and advertisers alike.

Tips For Success

Ready to create your first Boomerang? Here are some helpful tips for bringing these unique animated visuals to life.

  • Plan it out. Make sure to plan what simple action will be taking place. It may take some practice to get the perfect shot.

  • Play around with your active subject. Mix up what will be your focal point for your Boomerangs, whether it be a person, group of people, animals, object, or location.

  • The simpler the better. What’s great about Boomerang is that it makes even the simplest shots dynamic. Keep that in mind when incorporating action into your shot.

  • Incorporate Boomerangs into Instagram Stories. Boomerang can be accessed and uploaded in the Instagram Story section. Simply slide the lower bar from normal to the boomerang option and start uploading.

  • Take advantage of hidden settings. Pull up a secret settings menu by using four fingers to quickly tap the screen four times. This will bring up a secret menu with options for resolution, frame count, frame rate, and alternative modes.

Why Incorporate Boomerang Into Your Social Media?

There is an apparent shift in the digital world from text to visual forms of communication. The popularity of emojis, GIFs, and now Boomerangs has made this clear. Therefore, a more interactive and dynamic approach to social media is key to grip your audience’s attention. Boomerang is an excellent way to increase user engagement and diversify your content. The clean and interactive visuals gain the attention of digital natives, who will be more likely to then share it than they would traditional content.

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