Copywriting For Social Media Channels


In the era of digital marketing, the role of copywriting has expanded and the field has had to adapt to a variety of different channels. Social media, with its multiple platforms, presents a special challenge for copywriters. Whether the post will be published on Facebook, Twitter, or another platform is important to consider, since you want your post to not only fit within specifications of each platform, but also have maximum synergy with each platform’s unique algorithm and audience. Lazy copywriting often takes shortcuts, such as copying the same text and pasting it throughout all a brand’s social media channels. Ideally, you want the text of social media posts, even if they are of similar subjects or lead to the same link, to be different on each platform. The text should be catered to each channel and audience. At our Boca Raton full-service advertising agency, our South Florida content marketers are skilled at navigating the complexities involved in copywriting for social media, they give some helpful tips below.


Follow Tried-and-Tested Copywriting Formulas

Social media network users are bombarded with content from multiple sources every day. To make your copy stronger and more attention grabbing, while avoiding the “sales push” quality, utilize these reliable copywriting formulas.

  • The 4 C’s = Clear + Concise + Compelling + Credible

  • The 4 U’s = Useful + Urgent + Unique + Ultra-Specific

  • AIDA = Attention + Interest + Desire + Action Grab attention with headline, generate interest by providing new and valuable information, drive desire by describing the benefits of your product or service, and then request a specific action from readers. Cliffhanger

  • Readers crave closure. End a post in an unanswered question or another type of cliffhanger to increase chances of click-through or other specific actions.

  • Before-After-Bridge Describe a problem, describe a scenario where it no longer exists, and then explain how the problem can be solved by clicking on the link or another action.

Different Social Media Channels Means Different Copy


Facebook has the largest user base with 79 percent of online adults using the social network. The platform is best used to promote and link to external content — blog posts, videos, etc. Refer to the copywriting formulas above to write the accompanying brief and attention-grabbing description.

Despite Facebook’s relatively longer character limit, avoid creating posts with long-form text. Instead, get 66 percent more engagement by creating posts with 80 characters or less. Users want interesting and diverse content, focus less on text and more on visual content — images and videos.


With an infamous 140 character limit, copywriters have little wiggle room when composing a Tweet that will drive high engagement and click-through rate (CTR). It is important to remember the limit does not include images, videos, polls, or quoted tweets.

Tweets with 120 to 130 characters have the highest CTR, while those with only one or two hashtags have 21 percent higher engagement. Due to its limitations, Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to external content and other social media channels.

The South Florida content marketers at our Boca Raton full-service advertising agency are experienced at writing the copy for Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media channels. Taking into account the unique characteristics of each platform as well as your brand’s audience — we’ll elevate your copywriting for social media. Call Keenability today to find out how!

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