Convert Blog Posts Into Videos


Video is content marketing’s past, present, and future — 82 percent of all web traffic will come from video by 2020. As more marketers are delving into video marketing, don’t get left behind. Now is the time to incorporate video marketing into your content marketing strategy.

A common misconception is that video marketing has to be a costly and time-consuming investment. While working with a Boca Raton full-service marketing agency to produce high-quality videos is a good idea — you can begin with a more simple approach.


Picking Blog Posts

A great starting off point for your video marketing is to convert blog posts into videos. Borrow elements from your already established content marketing strategy to create your first videos. Analyze your blog metrics for this year and previous years, single out the highest performing blogs articles that generated the most views and conversion rates. Check the length of each of these and choose the posts that are short enough to fit into a video, which should generally last less than 5 minutes.

Video Presentation

Once you have chosen a blog article, pick from two methods to convert blog posts into video. The first option is to turn the article into a video presentation — a video that plays a sequence of text and graphic slides often with background music or narration.

1. Copy blog post (including the title) into a Word Document or Text File.

  • Create a paragraph for each separate slide, edit paragraphs for size, and eliminate additional spaces between paragraphs.

2. Import file into PowerPoint and format accordingly — be creative.

  • Home Tab > New Slide > Outline

  • or Insert > Slides from… > Outline

3. Record presentation as a video using a screencast software with voice over capabilities.

  • Narrate each slide by reading the text and even adding extra details and commentary.

Filmed And Scripted Video

The other method takes more time and require a bit more production — it is to film a scripted video. In addition to some text and graphics, these types of videos feature a speaking subject — usually an employee or leader in the business — talking to the camera about a certain topic.

1. Transform the text from a blog post into a script.

  • Edit to size by only keeping the most important points. Make sure the script sounds natural and conversational by reading it aloud.

2. Storyboard and plan the shoot.

  • Plan the key elements of the shoot; decide the location, number of scenes, and the number of subjects. Make a soft outline for the visuals of the video by storyboarding.

3. Obtain appropriate equipment.

  • You need at least a camera and tripod for stabilization. Consider investing in a basic lighting setup and mic to ensure high quality visuals and sound.

There has never been a better time to jump into video marketing and it’s easy if you already have blog content. Our Boca Raton full-service marketing agency can help you to incorporate video content into your content marketing strategy. Call us today to learn how.