How to Incorporate Holidays Into Content Marketing


Holiday marketing has always had a place in any good marketing strategy. With the rise of technology, companies are incorporating holidays into advertising now more than ever. This clever strategy is a great way for businesses to engage with online audiences — when done correctly, that is.

Whether it be a traditional holiday, a nationally recognized day, or a holiday made up by your marketing team, this kind of messaging has the potential to boost your engagement on social media significantly. Here are three types of holidays our Boca Raton advertising agency recommends incorporating into your content marketing to boost results.


Nationally Recognized Holidays

National holidays are the most obvious choice to form content around. Identify which holidays are most celebrated in the country your company operates in, considering your target audience in particular. In the U.S., major holidays to focus on include Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years. When it comes to religious celebrations like Christmas or Passover, it is important not to exclude members of your audience. Most businesses find that phrases like “Happy Holidays” rather than "Merry Christmas" or “Happy Hanukkah" are more effective. Depending on your company's audience, you may find that promoting religion-focused holidays altogether is the best move. Likewise, if religion plays a role in your organization's culture, promoting holidays that align with that religion will make sense.

When incorporating major holidays into social media marketing, it's important to remember many others will be doing the same. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to highlight your brand within the holiday's messaging. Putting your own twist on traditional holidays will foster a stronger connection with your audience.

National Days and Months

National days or months present a great opportunity for your company to connect with its online audience with fresh and fun content. These days have been identified on a national level to celebrate something unique. The focus of these holidays ranges from silly (like National Selfie Day) to serious causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This kind of holiday can showcase your company culture. For example, National Doughnut Day could be celebrated by eating tasty doughnuts with coworkers in the office. Some national days coming up in July that you can participate in include:

  • July 7: National Macaroni Day

  • July 13: National French Fry Day

  • July 16: National Ice Cream Day

  • July 17: National Emoji Day

  • July 20: National Moon Day

  • July 22: National Hammock Day

  • July 29: National Dance Day

  • July 31: National Avocado Day

Made-Up Holidays

All holidays are made up by someone, and there's no reason that someone can't be you! Social media presents a unique opportunity to put a holiday idea into action. This tactic can be used to tell your brand story and generate conversations with your audience, as well as to promote a cause you care about. For example, American Express successfully launched its own holiday in 2010 with the first Small Business Saturday. This made up holiday got an overwhelmingly positive response from communities across the nation and is still celebrated to this day. Made-up holidays are a fantastic way for your company to put its values into action. Keeping your audience interested online can be tough at times, but incorporating holiday messaging into your content marketing strategy will help boost audience engagement.

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