Content Marketing Or Influencer Marketing: Where to Start?


Which to invest in first: content marketing or influencer marketing? Within the marketing industry, that is probably the closest we get to a chicken-and-egg situation. However, we will do our best to provide a definitive answer.

As the popularity of content marketing and influencer marketing continues to grow, many companies are trying to figure out the best way to invest in one or both strategies. Below, our Boca Raton marketing agency answers some questions about these different but related disciplines.

What Is The Difference Between Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing?

  • Content Marketing — Creation and distribution of relevant high-quality content with the goal of attracting consumers as well as building brand awareness and credibility to drive sales.

  • Influencer Marketing — Collaboration with popular individuals to create and distribute content with the goal of building brand awareness, increasing content’s reach and lending authenticity to the brand.

Your company owns and has full control over the content created by your content marketing efforts, unlike with influencer marketing where the influencer owns and has majority control over the content they produce about your brand or product. Even if you publish your content as guest content on third-party publications, there is rarely a required fee. On the other hand, influencers often charge a fee for sponsoring your brand’s product or service and must disclose the sponsorship.

Still, the cost and lack of control that comes with working with an influencer may be worthwhile. Influencers have large and highly engaged audiences that trust them; you can reach those audiences and amplify your brand messaging through collaboration. Since influencers are often seen as consumer advocates, the content they create for your brand will be perceived as more authentic and trust-worthy.

Which Marketing Strategy Should Come First?

Despite the benefits of influencer marketing, your company should first utilize content marketing to lay a solid foundation. Whether you create content in-house or enlist the expertise of a Boca Raton marketing agency, your content marketing efforts will build your company’s own credibility and position it as an industry expert. By first establishing your brand’s own authority and image, you can then properly handle the boost in audience that results from collaborating with an influencer.

If consumers are introduced to your brand by an influencer they follow, but are unable to find enough first-party content about your brand or product, they’ll likely feel duped and lose their interest in your brand. Perhaps even more significant is the fact that most influencers will not seriously consider your company’s pitch if there isn’t any content available about the product you want them to sponsor. Therefore, invest in content marketing first and then reach out to influencers.

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