Keenability is Now a Google Partner


Keenability is officially a Google Partner, which is exciting news for our South Florida full-service advertising agency. You might ask, what does that mean and how can that help my digital marketing strategy? For starters, this Google badge endorses our ability to boost our clients’ brands with online advertising and confirms our status as experts in the field. Continue reading to learn what it takes to become a Google Partner and why you should work with one if you wish to see the best results from your digital marketing investment.


What Does it Mean to be a Google Partner?

Becoming a Google Partner is a globally recognized achievement for any digital marketing agency. Agencies with this designation are acknowledged for their expertise in Google AdWords and consistent use of Google’s best practices when running online advertising campaigns. There are two levels of criteria an agency must meet in order to become a Google Partner.

  1. Individual employees (at least one) must have Google certifications in Google AdWords and more advanced online advertising features. All certified employees must pass the required AdWords Fundamentals exam and either the Search Advertising or Display Advertising exam. Employees can study and earn additional specialty certifications for Mobile Advertising, Video (YouTube) Ads, Shopping, and Google Analytics IQ. These certifications must be regularly renewed, ensuring certified employees are always up to date with Google’s online advertising tools.

  2. The digital marketing agency itself must demonstrate success at managing online advertising and running multiple large Google AdWords campaigns for a substantial client base. The agency must also maintain its good “business health,” a term coined by Google. Having good business health means that the agency demonstrates regular AdWords activity and heavy levels of ad spend. So, the Google Partner badge speaks to both the individual expertise of our digital marketing experts and our overall South Florida full-service advertising agency’s proficiency in Google AdWords.

As a Google Partner, Keenability is acknowledged for our extensive expertise in all the features of Google AdWords. Our digital marketing professionals are experts at creating Google advertisements, using ad extensions, ad scheduling, and keywords, including negative keywords, phrase match keywords, and broad match modified keywords.

Our South Florida full-service advertising agency has a proven record of running clients’ online advertising campaigns to successfully boost their brand awareness, thereby maximizing their return on investment. We are committed to continuing this high level of success not only to retain our Google Partner status, but also to provide our clients with the best service.

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