4 Tips to Get Verified on Twitter


As South Florida digital marketing specialists, we know how difficult it can be for small businesses and individual professionals to gain traction on Twitter. One thing you can do to make your personal or company Twitter profile become more “follow-worthy,” is to get your account verified. That small blue verified checkmark seems small and insignificant, but it can be quite a beneficial addition to your social media strategy. Below, we give some tips on maximizing your chances to attain Twitter verification.


1. Be Active

Even though anyone can apply for verification, whether your application is approved or denied is at Twitter’s discretion. Twitter want to verify accounts with content they believe provide value to your followers and the general Twitter community. If you aren’t consistently posting tweets and engaging with your audience, your chances at Twitter verification are low.

2. Use High-Quality Visuals

Visuals are important in social media, and Twitter is no exception. Improve your likelihood of getting verified by using clear, high-quality photos for your profile and header pictures. Twitter recommends posting a 400 x 400-pixel profile picture and 1500 x 500-pixel header. For a company profile, use branded visuals that are consistent with the company’s branding in other platforms, such as the logo. For individuals, use a headshot as your profile image and picture of you doing something related to your professional field.

3. Optimize Bio

Twitter bios are short but very important. In just a few words, your bio should give a precise yet comprehensive description of you or your company. For individuals, write the highest job title you qualify for and end with a few words that show your personality. For companies, include your mission statement, website, a brief history of achievements, and even a call-to-action. A critical step in optimizing your Twitter bio is to associate with other verified accounts. Provide context when tagging others in your bio. For instance, if you are an employee of a company with a verified account include a phrase like “Digital Marketing Specialist @companyname.” 

4. Complete Application

To obtain Twitter verification, you must submit an application.

  1. Provide a phone number, confirmed email address, exact location, and for individuals, a birth date.

  2. Provide at least two links that will not only help Twitter cross-check your identity, but also showcase the impact you or your company has made in its field. Link to a variety of sources, especially major publications, where you’ve been published or your company has been mentioned.

  3. Write a paragraph to explain why you should get verified. Instead of listing the reasons why you want to get verified, focus on how your account positively contributes to the quality of the Twitter community, particularly in the interest areas you specialize in.

A small blue checkmark next to your profile name comes with some perks. Getting Twitter verification automatically verifies you on Periscope and can help you get verified on other social media sites. More importantly, it lends you or your business credibility and authority, increasing your brand’s trust-worthiness. A trust-worthy Twitter is a follow-worthy Twitter.

If you would like to improve your social media strategy across all popular and up-and-coming social media platforms, speak with one of our South Florida digital marketing specialists. Call Keenability today.