Livestreaming Your Brand


Fact: today’s consumers don’t like to read about a product as much as they like to watch a video about it. Granted, the written word is far from dead, but right now it’s all about video.

Video marketing has been around for decades and has long proven successful for top brands like Nike and Doritos. Now, thanks to the advancements in technology, the world has been introduced to a new age of video marketing: live streaming. It all started in 2015 when Periscope introduced a new app to the public that allowed a user or brand to stream video live.


What Fueled Periscope’s Success?

The ingenious app became popular because it gave the consumer the “inside scoop” on a brand and its products. Live streaming permits relevant content to be shared in real time through the eyes of the brand itself. The content ranges from specialized conferences, to product test runs, and even day-to-day operations. Essentially, this gives the consumer more trust in a brand due to the extra information and the transparency they are receiving via live videos. As opposed to a standard video, a live stream allows the consumer to live vicariously in the moment, which makes the experience all the more engaging

Once the world saw the success of Periscope, it wasn’t long before Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube followed suit. Twitter was actually ahead of the game, acquiring Periscope before its official launch and integrating the streaming service into its platform more recently. Since these services are all available for free, it only makes sense that brands should adopt them — especially since they are extremely easy to use. A brand can also receive instant feedback from consumers, because each of the aforementioned streaming services give users the opportunity to leave comments in real time. Utilizing live commenting also creates an online community organically, which will increase the probably of a consumer promoting a brand. Finally, these videos (and their comments) can be saved for later viewing, allowing the content to live on and the conversation with it.

At Keenability, we believe that live streaming is set to hold a place at the forefront of all business marketing for years to come. Consumers want to have instantaneous and more in-depth access to products and services they love, and by opening this channel of communication, your brand will meet that desire. Most likely, your brand is already using video marketing, but live streaming is the future. Not to mention it is also affordable, easy to use and will ultimately increase your brand’s exposure. 

If you’re ready to incorporate this social media marketing method into your digital strategy, give us a call today to ensure you do it the right way.