What Makes Boutique Advertising Agencies Special


When it comes to advertising agencies or marketing firms, size does matter. In this case, bigger is not always better. Boutique advertising agencies have a bad rap for being too small to be effective, as they are thought to be unable to provide enough services to satisfy brands. Our South Florida boutique advertising agency defies that stigma; Keenability offers full-service marketing strategies for both digital and traditional platforms.

As innovations in the marketing industry come at lightning speed, boutique marketing firms are best able to keep up. Below are some of the top reasons why small agencies have a special advantage.


Small Management Equals Flexibility

To quickly adapt to the constant changes and innovations of the media landscape, marketing firms have to be flexible. However, big agencies, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees, can oftentimes get caught up in their bureaucracies making them slow to change. Large firm employees are bogged down by the need for corporate approval from leaders like board members, investors, executives, and upper-level managers, whose main goals are to increase sales and retain existing revenue streams. Boutique marketing firms, with usually less than 50 employees, escape that rigidness. They are much quicker to adapt to rapid changes, more willing to take risks, and better able to stay ahead of innovations. This allows them to start campaigns and get results sooner without stifling creativity and growth.

Fewer Employees Means High Expertise

Even though boutique advertising agencies only hire a few employees, they do not suffer from a lack of expertise. Actually, because of their small personnel numbers, boutiques must take care to hire top quality employees. They simply can’t afford to hire mediocre employees. Every member of the team has to bring a high-level expertise in multiple disciplines and substantial experience to the table. When you hire a boutique agency, their concentrated highly-skilled team makes all the difference.

Culture Results In Collaboration and Personalization

Smaller firms are also able to have a business culture that is beneficial not only to their employees but also to their clients. The small-scale teams typically found in boutique marketing firms are headed by leaders that are also highly skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic. Unlike the disconnected leadership often found in big firms, owners and CEOs of boutique agencies are deeply entrenched with their employees and directly work on client campaigns and projects. This connected and open atmosphere promotes collaboration among employees and encourages democratic exchanges of ideas. All these qualities come together to provide clients with more personalized service. Project management methods are adapted to the needs and wants of each specific client or project. Additionally, clients are able to easily get in contact with the people actually working on their campaigns.

Our South Florida boutique advertising agency prides itself on providing our clients comprehensive and personalized marketing services. Find out how our small team can deliver big results for your brand - call us today!