How to Engage Audiences With Facebook Live


A new promising development that both social media platforms and brands are jumping on is that of live online video. Content is still king, but video content may be emperor. Facebook Live represents a great opportunity for brands to engage with their audience and keep their attention. Facebook found that people watch a video for much longer if it is live as opposed to one that isn’t. The unedited, not curated, and interactive quality of the live video platform can help your company connect with your audience in real time and in an authentic way.

Our South Florida marketing agency is knowledgeable about the benefits of this emerging platform and has made a brief outline on how to use Facebook Live to best engage with your audience and rip its benefits.


Steps To Get Started

  1. Don’t go live without a plan of action. Your broadcast, though live, should not be random. It should be structured around a main point and objective, whether it is to answer customer questions, provide a product demonstration, or give a sneak peek into an upcoming event.

  2. Announce your Facebook Live event ahead of time. This is especially true for Q&A sessions because you want your audience to be prepared with questions. Inform users what the live stream will be about by providing a detailed description.

  3. Utilize and encourage Facebook Live’s real-time interactivity as much as possible by verbally replying to people’s comments or questions in real time. To add a personal touch and make your audience feel truly appreciated, refer to their real names as you address their concerns.

  4. Simply having a connection to the Internet is not adequate for live streaming. Instead, you need to broadcast in areas with a strong, steady Internet connection to ensure the real-time conversation between you and your audience do not get interrupted. You may have to stay in one spot as you live stream to avoid the dreaded “Broadcast Paused” message.

  5. Broadcast for a substantial amount of time to reach as many people as possible; Facebook recommends at least five minutes. Not everyone is online at the same time, so you have to allow people time to notice and click on your live event.

Facebook Live Broadcast Ideas

Live Q&A Sessions

These types of events are one of the best ways to harness the platform’s interactivity. Be sure to engage in substantial amounts of pre-promotion to cover what types of topics will be discussed, when the event will start, and where exactly the live stream can be accessed. By giving users enough time and information before going live, your changes of having a larger and well-prepared audience improve.

Real Time Product Presentation

Having a live reveal of a new product generates excitement. Broadcasting a product introduction or giving a sneak peek of an upcoming product or service can drive buzz and engage customers. You can also use the live platform to further promote a new or existing product by doing a product tutorial or demo. Be ready to answer any real-time questions during the event.

Behind The Scenes Look Into Company Culture

These types of broadcasts can help your audience connect with your brand in a more authentic way than with edited and curated video content. The public personality of your brand and the internal culture of the business behind it work in tandem, yet customers rarely get to see the internal human workings behind companies. You can use Facebook Live to diminish that disconnect by giving your audience an exclusive inside look at your office and your staff.

If your business wants to tap into the promising potential of Facebook Live and other digital marketing tools, call our South Florida marketing agency today. Find out how we can elevate your brand!