3 Ways To Fail At Branding Yourself


Leaving Your Brand Open To Interpretation

You can’t expect everyone to understand your vision the way you do without laying down a clear and concise explanation of your personal brand. Impressions are important, so don’t give people the opportunity to make the wrong assumptions about your brand by not explicitly telling your own story. Your personal brand is a reflection of your work, goals, and ethics, which are all major areas of concern for potential customers in the decision-making process.

Not Practicing What You Preach

Nothing irks consumers more than finding out the people or companies they patron operate hypocritically. Create a realistic personal brand that you will be able to abide by on a daily basis, because your personal brand is much more than just what you think about yourself. It encompasses every piece of information consumers can find about you online, your colleagues, your history, and every interaction they have had with you. People appreciate honesty — so be transparent and make every word, handshake, and smile genuine.

Thinking You Already Know Your Personal Brand

Don’t be fooled by your own assumptions. You may think you know what your personal brand is, but try to picture it from a third-person perspective and you’d be surprised at what you will see. Your personal brand depends much less on how you view yourself or your company, and much more on how those around you view both. If you’re having trouble seeing your personal brand from any other perspective than your own, it may be time to call in others to take a look for you. While just the thought of having others pick apart your personal brand may be stressful, you need the honest opinions of potential consumers. Another technique often used is the Personal 360 interview. The idea is to ask questions about your personal brand and receive anonymous opinions of key people that either know you personally or your business. People will give you honest feedback that will help you grow towards your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Taking charge with a strong personal brand will undoubtedly help your business. It will give you the direction to reach bigger goals, and it will give your clients the confidence they need to make the final decision. Keep these common mistakes in mind when you’re deciding to solidify your own brand. If you run into trouble along the way, feel free to call your local South Florida marketing agency. At Keenability, our expert staff has the marketing knowledge to help with all of your branding needs.