May Your Tweets be Merry & Bright


… and may all your Facebook posts get likes! The holiday season is officially upon us, and a strong social strategy is more important than ever. To help your business make it on your followers’ nice list, our South Florida advertising agency has put together some tips for posts which are so great— you could slap a bow on them and give them as a gift!

Here’s how to take your holiday social strategy to the next level:


Incorporate Eye-Catching Visuals

The most engaging content on social media will have strong visual elements capable of stopping the scrolling and intriguing enough for viewers to click and share. The trick with choosing the right visuals, whether photographs, videos, or gifs, is finding one that effectively supports your content without taking away from your message. The holidays are a perfect central theme that is easily relatable for your readers to see it as more than just an advertisement and even picture themselves in the story you tell. Tying in the emotions and feelings of the consumer is also an effective way to increase engagement.

Tug On Some Heartstrings

The winter holidays are a very emotional time for most people. As cheesy as it sounds, it almost seems like the colder it gets the more we look for warmth in things like hot cocoa, blankets, fireplaces, family, and friends. The role of emotions in consumer behavior has been well documented and studies show that emotion is more of a decision-making factor than information. In fact, at the end of 2015 Unruly published a list of the 20 most shared ads of that year, and the overwhelming majority of themes among finalists were cute animals, relationships, and emotions. So try and convey a similar idea to your own audience, without straying too far from the message that your company has kept consistent throughout the rest of the year.

Give Back

‘Tis the season of giving, so why don’t you consider giving potential clients something they’d rather use than tube socks. Facebook gives retail operators the ability to create promotional offers for their stores. You can make the offer for the physical storefront or for online purchases, Facebook gives you the option to make percentage deals, BOGOs, bundles, and free gifts with purchase. And while we’re on the subject of giving back, if your company participates in any charitable organizations, this season is a perfect opportunity to showcase your philanthropic efforts. This  is PR at its best, and at the same time you can help bring awareness to charities close to your own heart.

Is assistance with your social media presence on your wish list this holiday season? Our South Florida Marketing Agency is just a call away.