Five Design Tips to Enhance Social Media Images


Much has been said about the social functions of social media, but it also has the primary role of being a visual platform. Social media takes into account the human need for social interactivity and visual engagement and combines them into one experience. Therefore, the social media presence of your brand should aim to tap into these two human qualities. Visual content is the first thing social media users notice and will greatly determine whether or not they click on a post. For that reason, images are a critical component of a brand’s social media posts.

The experienced graphic designers at our South Florida full-service advertising agency know how to create highly clickable and engaging social media images. Below are some tips they shared on simple ways to use design principles to enhance your social media images.


1. Color

Color is a very powerful element of social media images. Colors serve many purposes and inspire up to 90 percent of snap judgments consumers make about products. Use colors to convey emotions and support the personality of your brand. Similar to crafting a brand voice, you should consider the personality traits you want your brand to express and choose the appropriate color scheme to represent those traits. For example, if your business is a law firm and you want to brand your firm as trustworthy, your marketing materials including your social media images should have a color scheme that uses blue, a color that is often associated with trust and security.

2. Balance

All social media images should strive to achieve simplicity and balance. There are two main types of balance, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Images that have symmetry inspire a sense of harmony, while asymmetry creates tension through contrast. An image design should use one type of balance, otherwise it runs the risk of looking cluttered and unprofessional. Symmetrical photos are always a good choice, while asymmetrical photos here and there can avoid monotony and perk up interest.


3. Typography

Whether it is a headline or a quote, many social media images include text. Typography is a prominent element of a brand’s social media design, especially since text can convey a more specific message than images alone. That said, your first priority should be to make sure the font you use is readable. Many make the mistake of using fonts that are too complicated or small, making it impossible for viewers to read. This common mistake will disengage those who could have wanted to learn more about your brand. Limit yourself to using up to three complimentary typefaces with any individual social media image. Since different fonts have different qualities associated with them, when choosing one, consider the personality traits and key message your brand wants to communicate. A serif font is likely to be perceived as more classic and even authoritative, while a sans serif will give off a modern vibe.


4. Repetition

Consistency is key when it comes to the visual marketing materials of your brand, and social media images are no exception. When designing social media images, make sure to always use the same logos, sets of fonts, and color schemes. Overtime, this consistency will give your brand an easily recognizable look, and people will quickly associate the visual content shared on your social media accounts with your brand.


5. Simplicity

Social media images serve as a first impression of your brand, which can serve to inspire or discourage consumer interaction. To attract the largest number of people, keep your social media design simple. Avoid adding too many elements in one image and lean more towards minimalism. In the end, the visual content you share should be simple since it serves a single purpose, to represent and enhance your brand.

If you want to know how our South Florida full-service advertising agency can enhance your brand’s visual content and social media strategy, call us today.