5 Ways to Boost Website Conversion Rates


Small business owners are finally starting to adapt to the wonders of the digital age which increasingly dictate how we operate in our personal and professional lives. We’re fortunate that with the advances of technology we are now able to gain all kinds of insights that a few short years ago would have been impossible. Your company’s website is holding boatloads of valuable information given by online visitors, who for the most part are totally unaware of this. Their behavior on your site speaks volumes, and if analyzed correctly this information can reveal what tweaks are necessary to improve your site, and thus attract more leads. There are many ways to improve your website’s conversion rate, but these five simple actions can have your numbers on the rise within a week.



If people see you as their local expert in a specified field, they are much more likely to seek your advice when in need of the service your business provides. Also, the more relevant content you produce, the more engaging your site will become. This can help you score SEO points with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One to two 300-500 word blogs a week should get you off to a good start, and eventually you’ll be topping the search lists for certain keywords that are used often enough.

Get Their Emails

One of the biggest reasons to even have a website (besides informing the public of the products and services your company provides) is to build relationships with prospective clients. An easy way to do this is by simply offering them something of value that they can’t get from someone else at that very second. For instance, you could provide a helpful download that answers questions a prospective client is likely to have. In doing so, you can persuade them to give you their contact information. At minimum, request full name and email — but if it’s appropriate to ask questions that will provide demographic data, do so. You can later use that information to see where the majority of your business comes from and learn how to better serve those in your target area.


Having real people provide reviews that can then be displayed on your website is a great way to show the world that you really are an expert. This will help you build trust with prospects, and may very well be what persuaded them to make the conversion. Frankly, if you don’t showcase your testimonials on your website you’re doing yourself a disservice because people tend to rely on word-of-mouth over the best advertisements. So, add another page to your website called “testimonials,” and give a call to some of your best clients who would happily write you a glowing review.


Another thing that helps build trust with clients and prospects who are still on the fence is a great return policy, or a satisfaction guarantee. Our clients are always our top priority after all — and if they can see that you’re willing to go above and beyond to serve them, then you’re well on your way to earning their business. Eliminating the risk for your consumers means a smaller chance of buyer’s remorse. They’ll appreciate the fact that their satisfaction is of the utmost importance to you. On the off-chance that they weren’t completely satisfied, offering that guarantee gives you an extra opportunity to make things right and leave them with a positive impression of your business.

Online Trust Badges

Gaining clients that are strangers to you and your industry will take a certain amount of trust. Consumers desire someone who is reliable, an expert in their field who is going to look out for their best interest. Online trust badges are an easily recognizable signal for people browsing the Internet for  sites that look trustworthy, where their information will be carefully secured. These trust badges immediately give consumers peace of mind in knowing that their needs will be met without putting themselves or their finances at risk. This heatmap of different badges can show you which ones visitors typically look at the longest. A study done by the Baymard Institute found that Norton led the pack ahead of McAfee and TRUSTe.

For these tips to actually impact your website’s conversion rate it will take some time, but the efforts on your end can take less than a week. If you’re looking for some help carrying out said efforts, call your local South Florida advertising agency. We have the know-how and determination to take your business where you want it to go.