3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forgo Google+


When Google+ was introduced, it was supposed to be a competitor to social media powerhouse Facebook. Five years later, Facebook is still dominant and Google+ is nowhere near being the most popular social media site. However, despite its weak performance as a social network, Google+ remains a great tool for digital marketers. Its direct connection to Google is the top reason for this. Our South Florida ad agency’s social media experts have gathered some notable benefits for setting up a Google+ page for your business.


1. Reap The SEO Benefits Via Google+ Page

Google+ was designed with search engine optimization in mind. Therefore, your SEO strategy stands to gain the most from the creation of a Google+ account. Content posted or shared on a Google+ page gets indexed immediately and ranks high in Google search results. Google ranks the content on its own social network higher than content from other sites. Sharing blog posts or articles using the same title used on one’s Google+ page will help posts rank for keyword terms they might not have otherwise. Sharing content from other platforms on Google+ will also help drive search traffic to one’s blog and website via your Google+ page. It’s important to fully complete the Google+ page, utilize tools such as individual URLs, title tags, anchor text internal links that are available when making a Google+ post, and expand one’s network using Google+ pages to optimize SEO strategy.

2. Connect With Customers Via Google My Business

Google+ is part of Google My Business, which serves as a master dashboard for businesses and includes Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Places. Google My Business connects customers that are searching on Google Search, Google Maps, or Google+ to your business. You can use this unified interface to claim your business listing and update the business information that will show up in all these Google platforms. Having your local business listed with Google My Business and having up-to-date and correct information will make it easier for potential clients to find and start interacting with your business.

3. Engage With Targeted Audience Via Google+ Communities

Google has reported that there are 1.6 million new community joins daily. Google+ Communities serve as gathering places for people interested in a specific topic, for example landscape photography or digital marketing. When you become a member of a community, you can post content to that community and other members will be able to see your posts in their home streams. When starting your Google+ account, posting to communities is a good way to build an audience for your business. And since communities are specialized, the audience you will target and hopefully gain will be part of your target market.

Google+ may not be as popular as other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, but it provides great value for businesses and their digital marketing strategies. Our South Florida ad agency’s team of digital marketers are experienced at incorporating social media into a successful digital marketing strategy. Call us today to find out how we can elevate your brand.