What Social Media Platforms Are Buyers & Sellers On?


As a real estate agent, your top priority on social media is probably connecting with buyers and sellers who may potentially become clients. While we wouldn’t advise that your main focus be on selling, reaching this target audience is something we emphasize when working with real estate clients. Doing so requires knowing where these individuals can be found in the first place — and that’s where the help of a South Florida advertising agency is key.

Here are the top five platforms real estate agents should have a presence on, listed in order of importance:

1. Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt the most important social media site for a real estate professional to be involved on. Everyone and their mother is on the site these days, and we mean that literally. Therefore, there’s truly no better way to connect with prospective and past clients. Facebook has long held a top spot on our rankings of social media sites for real estate, and it’s likely this won’t be changing any time soon.

2. Instagram

Instagram is quickly rising up the ranks, as far as real estate social media is concerned. As its user base grows, so does the number of buyers and sellers on the platform. Those in the market for a home will be browsing through various hashtags (think #dreamhome, #miamihomes) for inspiration, and seeing a real estate agent on the site adds an extra layer of credibility. But keep in mind, this is only true for agents who practice good social media practices.

3. Twitter

Twitter’s use of hashtags makes it an asset for real estate agents as well. Buyers and sellers are sure to be found on the platform. However, regular posting and valuable content is essential for getting these individuals to slow their scroll.

4. YouTube

YouTube provides a prime opportunity to showcase listings, and for sure prospective buyers and sellers will be on the platform searching for such videos. Having other types of videos showcasing your local involvement and expertise will also go a long way.

5. Snapchat

YouTube still reigns supreme for real estate, but Snapchat is quickly catching up — especially as more and more millennials enter the market. The platform provides an excellent means of giving buyers an inside look at homes you’ve listed, and for sellers it serves to increase their home’s exposure. But keep in mind that if you’re utilizing the app for professional use, it’s best to keep it office appropriate — so steer clear of snapping a wild night at the bar. In fact, that’s a good rule of thumb for all of your social media accounts.

Bonus: LinkedIn

We almost didn’t include LinkedIn on our list, as it’s a far better way to connect with other agents who may be a source for leads. However, LinkedIn does provide a source of credibility with buyers and sellers that can’t be overlooked, and it’s likely that many buyers and sellers in your market will be active on the platform.

If you need help with social media management, our team of real estate marketers are just a call away. Give us a call today to start reaching your target audience on social media before they’re lost to the competition.