Build a Digital Following With the Help of Influencers


Influencers, or individuals with a strong digital following who are regarded as opinion leaders, are excellent tools for brands trying to build credibility with an online audience. As with any relationship, trust is essential for growth. The ideal influencer for your brand should hold strong credibility with your target audience; credibility that will then be passed in part to you through his or her endorsements.


It’s Increasingly Becoming Less About the Money

The only thing more important to an influencer, other than the paycheck, is building his own audience. After all, an influencer’s value comes mainly from his audience, and a smart influencer will do what’s needed to expand his reach. So as far as negotiating a contract with your influencer, he might be content with a smaller paycheck if you have a solid following of your own to offer as well. Like you, your influencer is likely looking to gain access to new markets, so you can bring even more value to the table with a strong following. The end result? A working relationship that fosters growth for both parties.

Build Relationships With Your Influencers, Not One-Night Stands

Your influencer relationship should be just that, a relationship. Not an amorous one of course, but you should avoid using an influencer for a one-spot shout-out and then quickly move on to the next one. These web celebrities are people too, although it may not seem that way when you’re watching them from your computer or phone. It’s important to find an influencer you can commit to in order to foster a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship. You won’t see long-term success from one-time influencer mentions, especially if you later lose the influencer to a competitor. With this in mind, it is important to treat these partners with unwavering respect as you embark on a fruitful working relationship, as doing so will ensure an authentic voice when the influencer endorses your company or product.

Influencer Authenticity

Because of the FTC cracking down on regulations, companies must now disclose paid celebrity endorsements in their advertisements. This is a bit disillusioning for viewers and makes it more difficult for them to truly believe that the Influencer really uses the product. In order to be as authentic as possible, it is important to find an influencer who is not only considered to be an expert by the viewers, but that also uses your product or service. Take time to find the right influencer that won’t just try to push your product or service for the paycheck. You don’t want anything to seem forced because the audience will detect it. Whomever advocates your brand should be able to do so naturally, which is the only way to convince your audience. Internet influencers are becoming increasingly popular, and finding the right one could be a very valuable asset for reaching new audiences. If you need help finding the perfect influencer for your business, our South Florida advertising agency is here to help. Give us a call today to see how we can elevate your brand.