Attorneys: Start Increasing Your Cases Today


It’s as simple as hiring the right agency. A smart agency will help an attorney build trust and solidify relationships. This means the attorney will have to follow the lead from the ad agency entrusted to do his marketing. When clients think they can represent themselves, an attorney probably advises otherwise. Well, the same applies when it comes to marketing. It happens quite a bit that a client wants to dictate the marketing efforts, but that is counter to hiring professionals.

Did you know that only about 1% of law firms are marketing their firm correctly?

Despite the high level of competition, there aren’t many law firms marketing correctly. For those who do invest in their marketing, it translates into a greater number of leads and a consistent source of cases. Marketing correctly in an industry that is notorious for their poor marketing has a big impact on the bottomline.


Make sure that you and your marketing agency are focusing on the client’s problem, versus you, the attorney.

That means instead of leading with: “I am a Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Matters with over 30 years experience” Try saying: “I can help you get divorced, get child support, adopt, get visitation rights with your children, etc”. Remember that potential clients don’t have the desire to hire an attorney, they are obligated to do so in order to solve a problem they are currently facing. They also don’t have the knowledge and certainly don’t speak legalese.

If they did, they wouldn’t need your help to begin with. What they know is that they have a DUI, or a letter from their bank stating they will be foreclosed on. Furthermore, they may not even now the type of attorney they need, so your marketing needs to inform them. But, this isn’t like purchasing a new iPhone, so don’t market your services the same way.

To get tons of cases, you should be focused on funnel campaigns as part of your marketing strategy and not just monthly maintenance.

Writing blogs, sending newsletters, and engaging on social media are all important aspects of your marketing, but you should strive to make dedicated marketing campaigns that aim at solving a prospect’s specific problem. For example, someone making the Google search: Can’t afford my debt. This is where your ad comes up: Can’t afford your debt? Our bankruptcy attorneys help people start new.Call us for a free consultation. So now this person clicks your ad, which takes him to a landing page created for the sole purpose of capturing information as a lead. On the landing page, there is a form for this prospective client to talk about his problem and schedule a consultation.

At this time, he might not be ready to fill out the form, but we’ve tagged him with cookies. Now when he goes on his Facebook account, he is going to see the following sponsored article from you: What to do when you can’t afford your debt? People that you reach this way may or may not click it, but the good news is that every week you can show them a new article. At this point, they aren't forgetting who you are. What happens when they call about the free consultation? Now, this part is critical. How you answer the phone and how you talk to prospects can make or break the whole thing. It is vital for the person who answers the phone to have excellent communication skills, but that is not all.

This person must be able to convey a feeling of security that lets potential clients know that their problems will get taken care of, and that they’ve come to the right place. A good agency should be able to help you not only attract the right leads, but close them as well. That means even coaching staff on how to properly handle phones calls.

A greater caseload comes from having a narrow focus.

It seems counterintuitive that focusing on fewer legal practice areas should bring more business, but it is an absolute fact. Those attorneys who specialize in a few practice areas far outdo their competitors who will put everything out there to see what sticks. Specializing allows marketing campaigns to be more targeted and all marketing materials to more accurately locate the intended audience. You can’t be everything to everyone. Remember when Starbucks tried to be more than just a coffee house? That failed. If you are amazing at corporate law, stick to it, and you’ll get more cases.

Everything you do should have the end goal of producing more cases.

Are you using your social media and website as an asset? A website is nothing if it isn’t generating more business, nor is your social media. You can tell me you have a website and a social media presence, but unless it is generating leads, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what is wrong with your marketing. Now that doesn't mean you need to make all your digital sites a sales ad. That’s not it at all. Use social media to build relationships and use your website to secure the leads. Together they work in unison to grow your business. If you are looking to proliferate your caseload, we recommend that you follow the tips outlined above.