Native Advertising


You've probably heard of native advertising, but chances are if you're not a marketer you aren't sure exactly what the term means. Sharethrough defines native advertising as a paid form of advertising that follows a form and function that is natural to the user experience where it is placed. Usually, native advertising is specifically designed and written for a particular social platform or publication. For example, if your company pays to have an ad placed in content that is both valuable and relevant in a site similar in format, that is native advertising.

The ads in native advertisements are generally information based. They include useful information that is captivating and targeted to a very specific market. Many people often use native advertising and content marketing interchangeably. This is usually due to the fact that the information used in native advertisements is highly informative and valuable, just as the content should be for content marketing.

Where are native advertisements used?

Some of the largest social platforms around the world use native marketing. Consumers see these ads just about everyday and rarely recognize them due to how well they flow with the platform they are using. They're on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and so on. They’re even on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For example, one may see something on a website that says “Sponsored Content” that is imbedded among other information on the site.

Native advertisements are not like traditional advertisements because they do not directly promote their own company or the product/service offered. They are delivered in stream and do not disrupt the users’ experience, nor do they keep users from utilizing the platform like a pop-up ad does. Native advertisements are seen by 25 percent more consumers, have the ability to increase the drive to purchase by 18 percent, are claimed to be 97 percent more effective at achieving branding goals, and are looked at 2 percent more than editorial content.

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