5 Signs You Need to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy


Marketing demands a strategic investment and should be a continuous effort. In order to be successful, companies must remember that marketing serves as food for a company, not medicine. Marketing must be regularly sustained to get your business where you’d like it to be and to keep it there. Here are some common signs that it’s time to revise your business’s approach to marketing.

1. You don’t have a marketing plan

A marketing plan is the starting point for a company. If you’re unsure whether or not you have a plan, chances are you don’t - or if there is one, it’s not a good one. Without a strategy in place, you essentially do not have goals or objectives to drive efforts forward. If your company is stuck in this phase, it is time to devote your time to creating a marketing plan for your company.

2. Your competition is outranking you

If you find that your competitors are performing better than you on search engines, you can refocus your investments on SEO and content marketing to get your rank back. You may want to consider hiring an expert in constructing effective copy and key word targeting to increase your presence on search engines.

3. Your company lacks synergy

Synergy is what makes sure everyone in the company is in sync, and it actually plays a major role in the success of your marketing. If your sales, marketing, and public relations teams are not on the same page — you can’t expect to see results. Ideally, all departments will be working together to ensure the company’s marketing efforts pay off.

4. Your email marketing is slacking

Many companies are set in their ways and continue to send out the same outdated monthly newsletter. If this pertains to you, it’s time to check out email personalization, the creation of targeted messages, and A/B testing. You want to make sure that your emails include things the reader is interested in, rather than the same old generic spiel over and over again.

5. Your company doesn't have the technology to analyze marketing reports

When planning for future and current email campaigns, it’s good to have an idea of what your click through, bounce rate, call-to-action, and impressions measure. Analyzing these reports is crucial for the success of your campaign.

Companies often continue using their old marketing methods until they realize they are losing a great deal of business.

If your company is showing any of these signs, it may be time to retain a South Florida marketing agency. At the very least, it’s time to rethink your strategy and come up with an action plan.