Can I do my own digital marketing?


That’s like asking an attorney if you can represent yourself when you are up against a top attorney. You can. But should you? It depends on what you want the outcome to be. Remember, you are competing with  digital experts who not only have the expertise, knowledge and experience, but they likely have bigger budgets.

Before you set out to become a digital expert you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. How eager are you to learn?

Remember that CPR class you took years ago? It is still relevant because not much has changed, and you’d probably be able to save someone still if the need arose. Digital marketing, unlike CPR, is always changing. It is an intricate, fast-paced, and fast-growing industry with a lot of competition and  innovation. Not only do you have to be dedicated to learning it, but you would have to keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends.

To get started we would recommend reading:

There is plenty of information out there, just  make sure it is from a reputable source.

2. How much time do you have?

If you are always pressed for time, chances are you won’t do a good job of keeping your digital marketing up and running — since it takes from 5 to 10 hours at minimum. Even if you had all the knowledge necessary to run a digital campaign, it wouldn’t be any good if you do not have the time to manage it. Consider learning enough to hire someone, and make sure this person is doing a good job.

3. Are you ready to get nerdy?

There is more than just keywords when it comes to SEO, more than just impressions when it comes to PPC, and more than “likes” when it comes to social. There are lots of terms to learn, and you must be familiar with all of them before you attempt to take this on. So brush up on pixels, attribution, reach, and everything in between. Though you could argue this is part of learning, it also means mastering the terms and having the ability to discuss them. It is more than just learning the technical vocabulary, but truly understanding it. You have to walk the walk, but also talk the talk.

There is also more to the metrics than meets the eye. Are you ready to dig deep into the numerical data? If you aren’t, you will   fail to understand the way your audience operates and miss out on potential business.

4. How much are you willing to risk?

Assuming you have the desire to give this a try, how much money and time are you willing to put into it?  It is going to   At first it won’t be easy, which means that some of your money will not be producing optimal results, and it might cost you more if you are anticipating running digital or paid ads on social media. Keep in mind, that you will be competing against seasoned veterans for the attention of your audience. Even seasoned professionals don’t always get it right the first time. There is always a lot of trial and error with someone that isn’t a professional. There is a saying in Spanish that goes: cheap things end up being more expensive. There is truth to that. By trying to save a couple hundred dollars a month, you might end up spending way more.

5. What are your goals?

If you are expecting a quick turnaround, learning and simultaneously executing is probably not the best plan of action. You might want to find a professional that can handle it for you. If your goal is to get more business in the next few months, you are running against the clock.. You’ll have plenty of learning to do before you can expect returns.  Even veterans know that it  takes four to six months to start seeing results. If you are already behind the eight ball, you won’t have the luxury of taking time to learn  and then start experimenting. Go ahead and hire a professional who will help you achieve your goals a lot faster, but don’t sit back and relax —ask questions and learn as much as you can.

Whether you actually execute your own digital marketing, or decide that it is best left to the experts handle it, learning enough to hold your own is always a good idea. It will help you understand the process and the expected results much better. We always recommend that  clients have a little insight into the world of digital marketing.