Wondering Why Your Marketing Is Not Working?


A departure from the original goal, plus the lack of a solid plan always spells disaster for your marketing efforts. We see it often. Clients come to us all the time looking for answers. With our level of experience, we quickly see the holes, and we proceed to make a diagnosis.    

We strongly propose the intervention of a professional marketing agency, but in case it’s not feasible at the moment, here are a few of the recommendations we give our clients to help them remedy their situation.


1. Create a positioning statement

Don’t just think about the way you want to position your brand, put your thoughts in writing. A word of caution: make sure that it is in line with your desired objective. When you create a new marketing plan, or feel like you have your next great idea, reference it, and above all, be certain that it does not deviate from your position.

2. Figure out how you want your audience to perceive your brand.

What words do you hope will come to your clients’ mind when they spot your brand? It could be knowledge, expertise, kindness, or caring. However you want your audience to perceive you, your plans need to support this perception.

3. Create a nonnegotiable strategy

That’s right. Never veer from your intended marketing strategy. If you decide not to embark in a new website until February, stick to that. Rushing it might mean missing out on unexpected results.

4. Take the time to follow through

If you intended to send email blasts on a monthly basis, do so. Don’t come up with excuses to why you can’t. A marketing plan won’t work unless you can follow through on every single piece of it. Execution is as important as the scheme. 

5. Be patient

Marketing success doesn’t come over night. Stick to your plan, even when it feels like not much is happening. It does take time to reap the fruits of your marketing labor. 


Deciding to change your marketing plan can be stressful because it requires patience and perseverance. It can be really easy to depart from the original plan and keep coming up with ideas that might appear to yield more business, but that is not sustainable. It is important to put thought into the original plan, and then have the guts to wait for results.

If you need help with creating a professionally crafted promising plan, we encourage you to meet with a reputable marketing agency. Their experience and impeccable record will prove invaluable when creating a marketing plan that yields results.