Twitter Continues the Buy Button Revolution


It’s here. Twitter has integrated the buy button into its U.S. feeds, which has essentially made social activity and revenue the equivalent of locker buddies in 5th grade. Needless to say, the ecommerce revolution is officially underway.

Since partnering with ecommerce platforms such as Bigcommerce, Demandware, Shopify, and Stripe, Twitter’s notable Buy Now program participants include Adidas, Best Buy, and PacSun, just to name a few. The button isn’t just for big enterprise. The millions of small businesses already using the ecommerce platforms named above will have access to the Buy Now program as well. A company’s “buy” button will accompany all of its sponsored product tweets, as well as any other tweet sent from their verified account featuring a product link.

Twitter’s Buy button will offer a simple and secure way for consumers to bridge the gap between organic conversation and purchases. After registering payment information just once, users will be one page and two clicks away from a complete purchase within the Twitter platform.

Instagram has also experimented with the buy button concept, though not successfully. A recent Walmart ad, approved by Instagram, was scorned thanks to its unfitting, frumpy appearance in an abundance of users’ feeds. Twitter, which is far less visual, with an unpredictable crapshoot of content, is far less likely to experience a similar issue.

Now that millions of small businesses have access to Twitter’s Buy button, how will it play out? For some brands it could mean large conversions. Think of the music industry. If Taylor Swift decides to tweet about her latest fashion craze, her fans can buy it right then and there. As the go-to platform to get real time news and feedback, now customers can make real time purchases. How can your product benefit from the Twitter Buy button? Find out how. 

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