Property sign mistakes. Are you making them?


A custom home is beautiful, original, and a genuine piece of architecturally sound art. The sign on the meticulously shaved landscape however, not so much. One of the main issues facing custom home builders is the unsightly appearance of signs placed on the lawn of these breathtaking dream homes. Is your sign a culprit? It may be if:

Your sign is poorly organized.

Like all advertising collateral, the property sign for your custom home must follow a  hierarchy. If all aspects of the design are roughly the same in size, or the order is inconspicuous, your sign will be passed over by onlookers. Just as your other pieces of marketing collateral need to employ basic design principles, so must your property sign.

Your sign doesn’t fit the home.

Each custom home you build will have a very distinctive style, and your property sign should be designed of the same ilk. Far too often, a custom home builder plasters a generic sign on an elegant property, which disconnects passersby, causing them to view the home as less beautiful involuntarily. If a custom home is designed with contemporary design elements, its property sign should follow suit.

Your sign provides too much information.

Less is more. When speaking of property signs, this principle holds true tenfold. A sign should not bombard the viewer with information, nor should it be readable only at a distance of two feet. If you wish to provide potential buyers with more information, consider including a leaflet that readers are free to take. Attract them to the sign, intrigue them with minimal content, and leave them yearning for more information.

Your sign fails to take visibility into account.

In what way are potential consumers viewing your sign? Are they driving by and catching just a glimpse from the road, or are many dog walkers and joggers frequently coming within a short distance? Your property sign must take into account its viewership in order to best determine the necessary size and scale, as well as the location. Once you establish your target audience, place yourself in their shoes, and imagine where on the property a brilliantly designed sign would best influence those onlookers.

Property signs  are an extremely important piece of marketing collateral, garnering views from a myriad  of eyes each and every day. If your property sign is in need of revamping,   and you’re interested in creating an exceptional property sign that will draw attention to your custom luxury home, Keenability would love to meet.