The NuPad app will change the real estate industry


Though it is in the early stages, it had already been downloaded by 3,000 users since its inception three months ago. I am not a real estate agent, but my company specializes in real estate marketing. That is why I am so excited to talk about the release of this app.

If you haven’t heard of it, go ahead and download it. The NuPad app turns the table on real estate agents and buyers. Typically, a buyer will find a real estate agent and the agent will then take the buyer to tour several homes. This app seeks to change this process.

First, renters and buyers upload information on the type of home they are looking to own or rent. Then, contact is initiated by someone who can comply with the terms of the renter or buyer. It is that simple. The beauty of the app is that the entire transaction can take place completely online.

Ema Chuku created the app, after he discovered how difficult it was for a working professional to go through the lengthy process of finding a home. Tired of going on multiple showings to no avail, he decided there had to be an easier way. All that it takes is for a user to upload a photo, provide the location, budget, close date and credit score — and from there it all begins.

Individuals can chat with consumers directly from the app in real time; no need to wait. Ema is hoping to make searching through countless listings a thing of the past. With today’s Millennial generation, less hassle equates to better. The goal of the app is twofold: Allow consumers to be able to complete an entire real estate transaction online. Allow anyone to act as a “real estate agent” helping others to find real estate. The goals set up for NuPad are hefty, but creator Ema Chuku is determined to achieve those objectives.

Currently, the largest agent base is located in Chicago and Los Angeles but is used nationwide. Ideally, it will one day be global. While it is still in the early stages, as an agent I would monitor this app. For agents who rely heavily on digital media, this is a no-brainer. It is likely that other online platforms will follow suit to allow consumers to upload their preferences, and thus make the entire process simpler and a lot faster.