Creatives & Crazy: It’s no coincidence both start with Cr


Do you really want to manage a brilliant marketing team?

No? Then maybe you’re thinking about forming an in-house marketing team. Aside from costing much more than you might think, managing creatives is no easy task, especially when they’re out of their element.

Top industry talent doesn’t want to be stifled.

The first issue you’ll run into when trying to attract candidates for your in-house marketing team is that marketing experts aren’t usually looking to work in an office where they won’t have much creative freedom. If they only have one client to work with, and that client (your company) doesn’t understand how creativity and utility can coexist, then there’s little hope for them find happiness. Just like that one that got away, they will leave you.

You can’t attract them with the idea of personal growth.

Most professionals are looking for growth potential or money. Marketing talent will not feel challenged working for your small real estate brokerage or law firm. Growth is not something you can offer as a benefit, your creatives will want you to back up the money truck. This means that the already-expensive rates for top creative talent will be further exaggerated.

Here, we’re all mad.

Much like the Mad Hatter, most marketing professionals are bonkers, but as Alice would say, “I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” While crazy, uninhibited, creative marketers are all great in their own environment, they normally don’t do well in business settings. There might be personality problems, dress code issues, or even situations where creatives are misunderstood by the very people they’re trying to help.

By the time an ad agency’s creative concepts reach your desk, they’ve gone through many revisions. Marketing agencies are structured so that there’s a logical person who understands the creatives, and can focus their attention back to earth. It’s the age-old dispute about creative versus efficiency.

Are marketing people just animals that should be caged?

No, absolutely not. Actually we’re quite entertaining to be around, and can behave ourselves when necessary. Everyone benefits from having a marketing team that works where they feel most comfortable. It’s a disservice to both yourself, and the creatives, if they’re not given all the tools they need to succeed. As you’ve seen, the environment’s included.