Choosing a marketing agency for your brokerage firm


Your brokerage brand isn’t just important to you, but for your agents, and their clients as well. If you’re doing it right, your brand is also constantly entrenched in the minds of your competitors.

Successfully marketing your brokerage and adapting to this constantly changing social age is admittedly no easy task. Now marks the time, more than ever, to invest in hiring a marketing agency. Not just any old marketing agency, however, but rather the right one.


How do I spot the wrong marketing agency?

Below are some signs to help your firm weed out the wrong marketing agencies.

When you ask if they outsource, the answer isn’t a definitive “no”.

ou’re not looking for a middleman. Your firm needs unique, individualized content that can’t be produced by simply glancing at your dated website or stalking your Facebook page for a list of area codes you operate within. You need a company that truly understands your business; past, present, and future. Outsourcing is the enemy of creativity. Somebody write that down.

When you ask them for references or their past work, they assure you it’s unnecessary.

If an agency is reluctant to give you examples of their past work, or contact information for clients they’ve worked with, chances are they may have entered the wrong profession. That’s alright though, accountants are necessary too. Leave the creative up to actual creatives, please.

They’ve demonstrated no previous success in real estate marketing.

You don’t want to hold their hand for the first 6 months, do you? You’re paying them for what they do best: execute marketing strategies using brilliant creative. If they know little about your industry, then they likely know nothing about your target audience, and negative infinity about how to position your real estate brand within your specific market. If an agency speaks like they know nothing about real estate, then that agency probably knows nothing about real estate.

Cool. So what does the right marketing agency look like?

The right marketing agency is a genuine extension of your business. Not only do they truly understand your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and most ambitious future goals, they make themselves available to you at every hour on days that end in “y”. Oh yeah, they’re also dangerously talented at providing exceptional creative. That’s a must.

Boutique marketing agencies are the new mega-shops. Many brokerage firms are choosing to side with small, tight-knit creative teams, rather than overwhelming international agencies that will likely lose them in the business shuffle.

At Keenability, we pride ourselves on being a true concierge marketing agency, available to our clients whenever they need us. We’re a close group of talented designers, creative writers, vast dreamers, and out-of the box thinkers that makes your business, our business. And we really care about our business.