Is rebranding the answer to fixing Internet Explorer? 


To many, the death of Internet Explorer is inconsequential. Very much like a washed out celebrity, many of us are thinking “Internet Explorer is still around?” and for those who still use it on a regular basis, it’s likely the result of owning a PC.

For those who haven’t heard, Microsoft has confirmed that it will use a new name for the new browser its launching. The browser will not only have new functionalities it will have a new name and brand. If you depend on Internet Explorer for business purposes, don’t worry, IE will continue to exist for enterprise compatibility.

The decision is the result of Microsoft’s many failed attempts to change the perception of the brand. While the name has not yet been selected, it is clear that Microsoft wants to distance themselves from the Internet Explorer brand. Will rebranding make people want to use the new browser? It will help, but there is more to it than a major rebrand.

While rebranding will help give them a second chance, they need to prove that their product doesn’t just have a new name. Their new browser has to hold its ground against the more popular browsers.

Additionally, they can’t limit the browser to PC users. With Apple products continuing to gain market share it is essential to provide them access. Currently Apple users can’t download Internet Explorer, this is of little consequence since most Apple users want nothing to do with Microsoft. They need to focus on delivering a better product and deciding if they want non-PC users to download the browser as well. They can’t merely depend on being the default browser included on computers using a Windows OS.

In other words, rebranding isn’t the magical pill we would like it to be, you need a good product, service, or company behind it. It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. When a big company rebrands a product they offer, it is always exciting for those in the industry. Microsoft has a long way to go before it is a brand that people care for. Right now the perception of the entire brand isn’t positive.

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