Phhhoto For Business


Phhhoto is a moving picture app that allows you to upload moving images similar to a GIF on the Phhoto app as well as other social networking sites. You might be asking how is this any different from Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, or any other app that allows you to post images or even moving images.

Well, the app itself takes consecutive images with a slow shutter speed and puts them together. It produces a high-quality GIF. Both casual social media users and iPhone photographers enjoy the app. Much like other social apps, you can apply different filters. It allows for easy sharing across many social networking sites. Basically, it’s an app that allows you to make pretty pictures a little more interesting.

How can it be used for business?

Phhhoto partners with advertisers and businesses to display logos or branding on certain filters which are tied to the image no matter where it is shared. So your brand could be seen on multiple social networking sites as the images are shared. While there may currently not be many brands on the site, there is definitely potential for companies to benefit from joining the app.

Companies could use the app to build their brand by creating a free account and engaging with consumers. The app would be especially beneficial to businesses in industries where visuals are of high importance like in the real estate industry.

The app would allow real estate agents to showcase the homes they represent in a more dynamic way. If you check out the app’s coverage of New York Fashion Week, you can see how the app makes beautiful images more interesting and engaging. The fact that it was designed with the intention of allowing users to easily share their images across all the major social networking sites, gives your brand the potential to be seen across multiple platforms.

One concern is ensuring that ads are displayed in a tasteful way and this is something that the company has said they are dedicated to. The advertising model differs from other major social networking sites in that your ad does not just come up on a newsfeed but rather is something that stands out. Consumers will directly engage with your brand when they pull up a photo. The app allows for a more creative approach to advertising on social media sites by enhancing users images rather than intruding on their newsfeed.

Could this be the next big thing for business? It definitely has potential. The site has experienced rapid growth since its inception last July and is something to keep an eye on in the future.