We Beg You to Allow Us to Make You Successful

May 11, 2016

Successful marketing

When you come to us with a problem, our minds start churning — already working on creating a viable solution. Our team loves to help. We listen carefully and ask a lot of questions, so that we may thoroughly understand your situation and provide the best strategy.

From our initial meeting, we take all the feedback we are given and begin to strategize. To that we add our industry knowledge and our expertise and apply it to the task at hand. That is how we come up with the right solution for you, our client. We want you to be successful because it matters to us. When you are successful, we are successful. We mean it; we take pride in what we call shared success.

We believe that all ad agencies and marketing agencies should strive for shared success. We work together with you to achieve success, and only by solving your problems are we truly successful. We aren’t just checking off to dos or trying to get more billable hours. It is the way all ad agencies should operate, and the reason why Keenability was born. 

With that said, we ask that you trust our wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise. After all, you came to us in search of a solution. Therefore, when we give you input and advice, know that we are guiding you in the right direction. If you ask us to change every detail, or force us to go in a direction that we know won’t work, we can’t guarantee the results we envisioned for you. Take comfort in knowing that you made the right choice. Just allow us to work our magic, and you will be thrilled with the outcome.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have questions or suggestions, but it does mean we need you to listen to our rationale and our reasoning when we provide it. You should know, we never design something just because. Everything we do has a rhyme and a reason. We study the real estate market and the luxury market, and we know it quite well. We know which messaging is effective, and what works visually. We know how to combine strategy, creative, and message to achieve the desired results.

If your current marketing isn’t working, and you insist we revert to what you’ve always done — you are tying our hands, and that isn’t fair to you or to us. You NEED a solution because you have a PROBLEM. You didn’t just come to us, so that we could help make your brand cooler. You came to us because you needed help, you wanted to achieve your goals, and you knew you couldn’t do it alone.

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