Are your postcards ending up in the trash?

February 16, 2016

Postcard marketing

You come home after a long day, and head to your mailbox to retrieve a stack of mail. You can’t possibly keep every piece of mail you receive, and frankly, you have no reason to. So where do you sort it? For most people, the answer is right over the trashcan. Sadly for some, that is the fate of many bulk mail pieces in today’s world. If you’re dishing out the cash to mail postcards in an effort to promote your business, that puts your investment at risk for being tossed in the garbage without a second look. Nerve-racking, right? It doesn't have to be. 

Even in the digital age, postcards can be an effective tool for marketing your business, if done correctly, that is. Being informed about postcard best practices is crucial for making them stand out, thus keeping them away from that trashcan. A smart first move is enlisting the help of a marketing agency with the experience and expertise needed to increase postcard readership. Even with an agency’s guidance, it’s good to know what the characteristics of a good postcard are.

There are three key elements that determine the effectiveness of any postcard, and they are the headline, the copy and the design. When recipients give your postcard a first glance, each of these three elements is only analyzed for one second apiece on average, so you need to make them count.

  • The Headline. What is the first thing you read when you receive a postcard? Of course your answer was the headline, which is why it’s important that it grabs the reader’s attention. Ideally, the headline will entice the recipient to continue reading the postcard, thus increasing the odds that they perform the action you hope will result from it.
  • The Copy. Great copy is the foundation for a postcard’s success. Postcard copy should include at least one strong call to action, but no more than two. However, too much info is never a good thing. Avoid text-heavy postcards, which will surely end up in the trash. Instead, opt for a postcard with copy that clearly defines the objective.
  • The Design. Good postcard design involves a perfect balance between engaging graphics and white space. Graphics will catch a reader’s attention, but too many will overwhelm them. Without proper spacing, your copy won’t be readable. When considering postcard design, “wow” imagery incorporated into simple and consistent design is the recipe for success.

How to Know if Your Postcard is Successful

So, how do we determine what constitutes success when it comes to postcards? For starters, the postcard simply being read by the recipient. That split second when someone holds off on throwing the postcard in the trash and decides to read it is key. Another important aspect is whether or not the recipient sees the value in the offer presented in the postcard. It’s vital for the readers to understand the postcard’s purpose, and why they should act on it. The ultimate way to determine the success of your postcard is seeing an increase in the desired action. Are people calling for more information? Are there more visits to your website? Did you have increased attendance at an event? Depending on your postcard’s purpose, these are all good signs that it was a success.

Now that you know the components of an effective postcard, you need to evaluate your own postcard practices. If there’s room for improvement, we can help. Our team promises exceptional design and flawless execution. Let us make certain that your postcards never end up in the trash again.

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