A Facebook guide for real estate pros

May 11, 2015

There seems to be a lot of confusion on how Facebook should be used for maintaining a brand, particularly with real estate agents. There’s this notion that Facebook should be used to advertise listings and to post sales pitches. You should know, that this is unacceptable behavior and it is why people are ignoring your shared content. How you should behave on Facebook: Some people are still a little uncomfortable on Facebook, but it’s really very similar to interactions you would have in person. Think of it as happy hour, where there are some familiar faces and some new ones that you’re just meeting for the first time. Think of how you would interact with people in this scenario. When you join a gathering such as this, you generally begin by telling people a little bit about yourself. After some small talk, and when appropriate you plug in your profession and hand out your business card. They might ask to learn more about some of the properties you have or they might simply put away your card and change the subject. It’s the natural flow of communication. Here’s a list of things that are good to share:

  • Your opinions and information on your expertise. Keep your opinion politically correct, of course.
  • Beautiful images. People love pictures! Did your client just complete an inspiring renovation or are you on the dock of a property on a nice day? Take a picture of that and share it!
  • Inspiration or good news. It’s okay to share things that you’re excited about, in the same way you would with your friends.
  • Articles that you find interesting. Chances are that if you thought it was interesting, so will your followers. Social media is very content driven, so share away.
After reading these tips are you still not too comfortable with Facebook? It’s okay, you can always hire a professional company to manage your social media. However, be wary of people and companies that claim to manage social media only, or social media mills. Look at samples of their work. If it looks cheesy and not genuine, then you shouldn’t hire them to represent you on social media, as it may do more harm than good. You need someone that is familiar with strategizing, positioning, and will do research on what would interest you and your followers. At Keenability, one of the many services we offer is social media management that is thought out, well-written, and interesting to your target audience. Everything we do is with a purpose. Would you like to learn more about how we can improve your social media presence? - Yes, Please.

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