5 Ways to Make Followers Click

July 11, 2016

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Maintaining a social media presence is essential these days — so much so that everyone and their mother is participating, making the competition for clicks extremely heated. Thanks to social media, users have a wealth of content at their fingertips. As such, decisions on which articles and blog posts are worth their time must be made quickly, meaning posts have to be extremely captivating. Our South Florida marketing agency knows a thing or two about crafting social media posts that get your followers clicking. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you write a post of your own.

1. Highlight Value

By far, the most important aspect in creating posts that followers want to act on is highlighting the value your content provides. This starts with knowing your audience, and understanding what it is that these individuals value in the first place. Then, you will want to focus on conveying why it’s important for them to read what you have to say. How will someone benefit from knowing this information? Will it save your readers time, money, both? Follow this with a strong call to action, and you’ve got a winning recipe.

2. Leave Them Wanting More

If you get the whole story from the post copy alone, how likely would you be to click on a link to an article about what you’ve just read? When you want social posts to transfer to clicks, focus on creating a strong sense of curiosity. This can be done by making it clear that what you want users to read contains information that they don’t know, or by highlighting an intriguing fact. You want to leave them thirsty for more information, so put yourself in their shoes.

3. Practice Consistency

In spite of what some might think, a strong social media following doesn’t happen overnight. Bringing together an audience that will care to click on your posts requires some initial leg work. This entails sticking to a regular posting schedule and crafting posts with a common voice. You may have multiple employees managing your social media platforms, but your followers shouldn’t know that. Social media allows us to create a persona to interact with consumers on a whole new level. A consistent voice allows consumers to build a relationship with that persona, and ultimately, place their trust in it.

4. Don’t Over-Do It

With social media, simplicity is key, especially when there are only 140 characters available (and that’s not even counting the link itself). The best posts are sweet and to the point, perfect for the short attention spans social media users are known for. Therefore, avoid lengthy posts and complex words, or you might just find your target audience scrolling past and moving on to the next best thing.

5. Engage!

The most important aspect of social media is engagement, and remembering this is key to success. Engaging your audience starts when you write your post copy. One proven method of doing so is writing in the second person, using words like “you” and “your.” Think of it like you’re having a personal conversation with each and every person reading your post, because really, that’s what you’re doing. To truly engage, post questions when appropriate. Just as with face-to-face communication, questions are a great way to connect and get a conversation flowing.

With these tips, you’ll be having your followers clicking away in no time. If you’re looking to speed along the process, our team of social media experts are just a call away.

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