5 Steps to Successfully Launch a Product or Service

November 09, 2016

5 steps to successfully launch a product or service

Launching a new product or service and informing people about it was once a simple task. One would only have to go to the press a short time before the launch date and pitch them a story that would get published soon afterwards. However, in today’s world information is spread at lightning speed. Journalists no longer have the luxury of a set publication date. Instead, they must publish articles on multiple digital platforms daily. They are also sent numerous story pitches everyday. With this in mind, how can you make your product launch stand out?

The public relations and digital marketing specialists at our South Florida advertising agency have gathered some essential tips to help you withstand the seemingly overwhelming conditions of today’s media and get the word out about your product launch.


1.Stand Out From the Competition

Though you might think that your new product or service is truly unique and irreplaceable, it is a good idea to place yourself in the customer’s shoes. Through the perspective of potential customers, figure out who your competitors are and then analyze their marketing materials. After learning what their message is and how they spread it, you can start developing a marketing strategy with a unique value proposition that will communicate to prospects what makes you different.

2. Start Early with Press

Through email and social media, journalists connect with hundreds of story ideas every day. Journalists no longer have to wait for press releases to write articles. So, do not expect that a press release about your product launch pitched very near the launch date will be picked up and published in time. Start targeting journalists and building relationships with them at least two months in advance. Find journalists that write stories related to your new product or service and pitch them your story as soon as possible. Keep sending them releases with fresh news up to and after the launch date. Do not overwhelm journalists with information, but keep them updated so that your company and story will not be forgotten.

3. Find Influencers

Gone are the days when companies had to rely only on the press to build up the hype for a new product. To get people excited about your new offering, harness the power of influencers. Find influencers whose target audience is similar to your target market to spread the news of your product launch. Then send them samples or trials of your upcoming product or service. Do not forget to urge these online influencers to share their experiences and reviews on social channels like blogs, social media, and YouTube. Since online influencers are able to connect your company with a more targeted audience, they can be more effective than traditional mass media.

4. Connect with Interested Prospects

The marketing of your product launch should exclusively target ideal prospects whose interest in your new product or service will most likely inspire a purchase. Unless you are an incredibly well-known brand name, it is unlikely that your product launch will have a huge reception or go viral. There will probably be a few interested people, rather than thousands or millions. That is why it is even more important to retain those prospects’ attention by building a relationship with them. Use social media to engage with people who are actually talking about your product. Offer them exclusive “Coming Soon” posts and leaked photos and videos to drive anticipation. People like to have a relationship with the brands and products they buy, and by connecting with them through social media, you encourage brand loyalty and even brand advocacy.

5. Keep Information Simple and Attainable

For people to talk about your product launch or service launch, they first have to have an idea of what your new offering is. So, it is best to make it easy for prospects, influencers, and even journalists to learn about your new product or service. Release instructional videos, demos, information sheets, brochures, and free trials that introduce people to your new product and helps them realize its purpose. This information should be readily available, easily accessible, and presented in a way that your target market will be able to clearly understand your message. Only then can the news of your product launch be spread out.

The launch of a new product or service can be a hectic time for companies, but it can also be a very exciting time. This excitement is wasted if it is internalized; it needs to spread to those outside of the company, especially prospective customers. The changing conditions of public relations and digital marketing offer many tools to help you market your product launch. Though the steps to spreading the word about a product launch have gotten more complex, having a successful product launch is still very possible.

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