5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

November 18, 2016

5 questions to ask before hiring a marketing agency

Selecting the right advertising and marketing services partner is crucial for your brand and the marketing strategy you’ll be implementing. The right South Florida marketing agency can bring new life to your company’s objectives and even bring more inspiration and satisfaction into your day-to-day work environment. Try asking these questions the next time you interview potential firms.


What is your agency’s process for helping companies meet their goals?

Instead, what many business owners ask is “what are you going to do?,” which can be easily deferred with a generic: “we’re going to help you come up with a sound marketing strategy that will help elevate sales.” If that is the answer you are given, you should end the interview right there and move on to someone else because that’s painfully obvious. What should be more important for the business owner is how they plan on developing a marketing strategy, and the steps that will go into the process. Be sure to ask them to describe their methods in detail, and how they eventually turn those tactics into successful campaigns for their clients.

Keenability’s time-tested methods begin with extensive research of your current branding, positioning, strategy, and industry competitors. Next we find what separates you from the pack, and then we start creating visuals and copy for your new brand that will easily stick out amongst the crowd. We go so far in-depth with our clients because hiring a Marketing firm essentially builds a partnership. In a true partnership, both sides share a vision and collaborate towards the same end result. Therefore, you should know the process inside and out so that you and your staff can be better informed, working in smooth synchronism with your new marketing team.

Will you be able to focus on our needs?

You have a personal relationship with the marketing agency you choose, so it’s important to understand the processes they have in place for healthy communication, deadlines, revisions, and last-minute project requests. For your campaigns to truly deliver, the agency of your choice should be able and eager to train your in-house team on meeting goals and mapping key performance indicators — such as online traffic, traffic sources, conversions, cost per lead, and revenue per lead. Also, ask them about team member/s that you’ll need to interact with often and their availability. Look for a firm that is willing and able to cater to your needs around the clock, always able to treat your company as a top priority.

Would you say your firm has experts in all aspects of marketing?

You’re hiring outside consultation to bring you something different from what you and your team can do. You’ll be relying on these people not only to be more knowledgeable than you, but to be experts in areas such as: design, web development, content development, creative strategy, digital strategy, branding, and copywriting, just to name a few.

How does their online presence look?

A company’s website is often the first exposure a prospect has to a business, and it’s the most easily accessible outward-facing communication they have. A good marketing and advertising firm knows that their website says a lot about them, so if you aren’t impressed with what you find it may be a sign that they won’t be a good fit. Look at their site,  their social media, and other digital platforms, before you make a decision. When doing your own research of different marketing agencies, ask yourself these questions about their websites:

  • Do you like their look and feel?
  • Does their voice resonate with yours?
  • Are they active with blogs and social platforms?
  • Do they talk about themselves more, or more about how they can help you?

If you don’t like the way the agency represents itself, it’s unlikely you’re going to like how they represent you.

Do you like/trust them?

Are they responsive when it comes to answering phone calls, emails, important questions that might change the direction of a campaign? Their overall demeanor should be an indicator of the company’s culture, which is a reflection of their work and work ethic. Pay attention to small signs early on in the process of working together; rarely do things start bad and end on a good note.

There are so many things to take into consideration when you’re planning on adding additional members to your workforce. Consider these questions, as well as any research you do on your own when interviewing prospective firms. You should feel very comfortable with the agency you hire and confident in their abilities, as your brand and sales are relying on them. We invite you to come and check out Keenability the next time your company needs marketing insights or consultation.

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