5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Builders

June 13, 2016

Builder blog

Whether you’re building custom luxury homes or an entire new neighborhood, new builds are always exciting. These days, people are obsessed with new houses and love looking at all of the styles, colors, floor plans, and designs. So what better way to get your name out there than posting about your new construction on Facebook? Here are a few ideas for posts that will help promote your building company.

1. Share New Home Photos & Floor Plans

Everyone loves looking at new homes, because it’s fun to see the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Also, some people enjoy imagining themselves decorating a new place. You can never post too many photos, so hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your new build inside and out. Once these photos are on Facebook with the different floor plan options, people won’t be able to resist taking a peek at what your new homes have to offer. Pro tip: a huge trend these days is to post video tours, in addition to pictures. Try taking video of the home with a wide angle lens to give people an exclusive inside look! How about offering a virtual tour?

2. Ask Questions and Create Contests

The key to marketing on social media is to engage your viewers. Instead of solely posting one way communication, try to connect with your followers by allowing them to take part in the conversation, too. Open-ended questions that give people the chance to share their opinions help foster client relationships . For example, you could ask “what would your dream home look like?” Contests are another good way to encourage interaction by rewarding people for their participation. Who doesn’t like to win free stuff?

3. Start a Blog

Blogs are always a great way to promote any business — after all, you’re reading one right now. A blog allows you to get your company’s name out there, while sharing useful and informative information about your industry — all at the same time. Basically, its a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you have a blog, Facebook is a great place to share your posts for increased exposure.

4. Post About Local Community Events

Location is one of the most important factors people consider when buying a new home. Help them see what’s so great about the area where you are building, by sharing current information about exciting local news and events. This will give prospective buyers a sense of what the community is like. If they like the area, there’s a good chance they'll be interested in your homes, too! Also, complement community posts by promoting open house information on Facebook. This will help to ensure that interested buyers won’t miss out on the opportunity to view your new homes!

5. Behind the Scenes Posts

Last but not least, behind the scenes posts are always interesting for your followers and are a good way to get people’s attention. Posts about employees’ milestones or company events show the human side of your business. All of this will help people feel a stronger connection to your company, which will make them more likely to build their next home with you.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Facebook to leverage your business as a new home builder. To learn about more ways to promote your building company, contact our real estate marketing agency today.

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