4 Marketing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Company

September 28, 2016

4 marketing mistakes that can ruin your company

Many people don't recognize the marketing mistakes they are making until the business has fallen apart. Don’t wait until it’s too late to evaluate your marketing tactics. Some mistakes to avoid include:

1. Copying another business’s marketing strategy

There is no marketing approach that is appropriate for every business. The strategies that work for other businesses may not work for your company, even if you’re in similar industries. Your aim is to connect with your target market, and that group is different for every company. Attempting to market to everyone is a recipe for disaster. Tailor your strategy for a particular group of individuals, and use methods that will appeal to them.

2. Spending most of your marketing budget on paid ads

Indeed, paid ads are very valuable, and when the time is right, they should become part of the marketing plan. The problem is that too often rookie entrepreneurs jump right to paid ads. Now, before you can tackle this marketing step, it’s important to build some kind of relationship with your prospective clients. You don’t want to rush into trying to sell them something before they know anything about your brand or the products/services you offer. Lay the ground work, then make your mark in the paid advertising arena.

3. Making Assumptions

It’s crucial not to make assumptions about your intended market. You might think that millennial women are partial to certain music, but even if you fall into that category your presumption would be unfounded without research to back it up. As a rule of thumb, you should question every thought you have about your target market that isn’t held up by evidence. This will save you time and will guarantee your marketing is appealing to your audience.

4. Doing It Yourself

The do-it-yourself craze is in full swing right now, and while giving your closet a makeover might be a fun weekend project, marketing is best left to the experts. If you’re managing your own marketing, chances are you aren’t hitting all of your bases — or worse, you’re making costly mistakes. In fact, without the guidance of an expert — it’s very likely that your business is committing some of the blunders we’ve mentioned. Save yourself both time and headaches, and have a professional handle your marketing.

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