3 Tips for Embarking on a Successful Rebranding

August 31, 2016

3 tips for embarking on a successful rebranding

There are a number of reasons companies decide to rebrand themselves, but no matter the rationale, rebranding is no small undertaking. With that being said, there will be a number of tasks that need to be tackled and completed on a schedule. Before you begin a rebrand, there are three things you should make sure your company has done first.

1. Plan Your Budget Accordingly

If you're going to rebrand, rebrand right. Plan you budget accordingly to align with your set goals and objectives. If you fail to allocate funds properly, you may run out of money before you finish your company’s makeover. This can leave your company in a tough spot: do you take out debt to complete the process, or go back to square one? Avoid this setback altogether by planning realistically. Rebranding is just as important as any other business effort, if not more so. Budget for a rebrand as you would for office supplies, and adhere to the plan.

2. Get Your Employees in the Know

What is the most important group to consider for the success of your business? No, believe it or not it isn’t your customers — it’s your employees. Before you start your rebrand, your employees need to be notified. After all, the decision to rebrand affects everyone at the company. In fact, the employees should be active participants in the process. Doing so will not only build loyalty amongst your team, but it will also give you valuable insight from the people who know your brand best.

3. Plan for the Future

Even before the rebrand has begun, you should be thinking about the steps you will take after it’s been completed to ensure it is successful. How will you announce the new brand? And more importantly, how will you get people excited about it? The announcement itself should incorporate a variety of mediums, including email marketing, public relations, and social media. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your new brand is applied to print and digital marketing materials. This will likely require you to redesign your website , update social media images, and design new print materials for your company (such as business cards, letterhead, etc.).

Don’t just plan for the short term, or you’ll be wasting both time and money. If you're looking to rebrand your company, contact the experts at Keenability today. This South Florida marketing agency is a full service marketing/agency boutique changing the way of marketing.

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